Thunderbird mail client understands maths!

25 Sep 2003

To start with, Thunderbird/Mozilla is pretty cool because it really understands the text/plain; format=flowed content type. This means that you type paragraphs as one big line but the email gets sent with paragraphs wrapped at (something like) 72 characters. And then when you view it again, the line wrapping gets removed and paragraphs flow depending on the size of the viewer pane.

Thunderbird even understands > quoting. So a message that contains this text:

Chris Page wrote:
> As far as I can tell from my reading of the DRM, this isn't valid Dylan, 
> and d2c reports an error if I try to compile a similar snippet, like 
> "let handler = #t;"

will get rendered like this:

But checkout the following screenshot I made while reading some mail today. Thunderbird has taken a bit of source message like 500*(3^10+1)*3^10/2 and rendered it like this:

When you are a nerd, you get more enjoyment out of software that has been written by other nerds with themselves in mind. Software written with real users in mind is tiresome.

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